Sunday, February 10

J-Lo new look

It has been confirmed by Jennifer Lopez’s dad that she is expecting twins and look at her here. Woman is big and very uncomfortable looking. Don’t you agree it looks like she would rather be at home in sweats. I know I would be if I was her. And why would a designer make her a dress that looks like that? Really was there something that she did to them to make them want revenge? But we must give her props for still rockin’ the high heels. Why to go J-Lo. It can only be days away until the two new additions show up!

Kirsten Dunst in Rehab

Kirsten Dunst is now the most recent star to stay at Cirque Lodge. Reports are out that Kirsten checked herself in to the Lodge for some much needed help. There was talk flying aruond at Sundance that Kirsten was acting a bit loopy and she also failed to show up for her own party one day. Not a good thing to do if you are hosting. It seems her friends think that Kirsten is not in a good place right now and Heath’s death could have shown her the light. Well KiKi, hopefully only one round at the Cirque will work for you.

Heath Ledger’s funeral

Heath Ledger’s funeral was held in Austrila on Saturday. Michelle Williams was there at the private service with Heath’s family and friends. This was private funeral and it all ended in such a perfect way. At the end of the day everyone was on the beach watching the sun set and then people decided to take a dip in the ocean. On better way to say good bye then swimming in the ocean as the sun sets.

Wednesday, August 22

Lohan May Dodge the World's Biggest Bullet

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ there is a "strong possibility" the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office will NOT file felony charges against Lindsay Lohan in connection with her two DUI arrests.

We're told charges may be filed tomorrow, and the D.A. is leaning toward rejecting three possible felonies. Sources say the D.A. almost certainly will not file cocaine charges in connection with her DUI bust Memorial Day weekend in Beverly Hills.

As for her July 24 arrest in Santa Monica, the D.A. could charge her with felony cocaine possession, and bringing cocaine into a correctional facility -- also a felony. But we're told that the D.A. is inclined not to file those felony charges either.

That basically leaves misdemeanor DUI charges for both incidents. If Lohan is found guilty of both, she'd have to serve a minimum of four days in jail, and that beats prison, baby!

And we're told Lohan's mega-lawyer Blair Berk and prosecutors have been talking a lot and that spells a possible plea bargain.

Here's what's for sure: If Lohan is not charged with a felony, she is not required to attend Friday's arraignment. If that's the case, put money on it -- Lindsay will be a no show. (Source:

"Crazy" Britney Backs Out of Big Duet with JT

Britney Spears is being called "sick" and "crazy" by music biz insiders after ditching the chance to do a duet single with former flame Justin Timberlake.

Page Six reports that JT wrote the song specifically for Brit, and that her label was counting on the tune to jump start a big comeback for the Britwreck. But last month, just before she was supposed to fly out to record the song, Brit "abruptly canceled the session." A music "insider" tells the Post, "Everyone is worried ... People like her are sick. It's like an anorexic who's sick in the head and needs help."

Jive is reportedly still behind Britney, but execs there are "worried" about her bombing at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. JT's reps had no comment. (source:

I’ve matured: Paris Hilton

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton launched a post-jail media make-over, vowing to shed her party-girl image and prove she is a changed person after serving three weeks behind bars for violating probation in a drunken-driving case.

“I’m a good person. I’m a compassionate person. I have a big heart. I’m sincere, and they’ll see,” Hilton told People magazine in excerpts published on Wednesday from her first interview since getting out of jail Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Appearing later on CNN’s Larry King Live show, the 26-year-old multimillionaire said she felt bad that many of her former fellow inmates would end up back on the streets, and back in trouble, because they lack family or support systems.

“I want to help set up a place where these women can get themselves back on their feet … kind of a transitional home,” she said. “I know I can make a difference.”

Hilton acknowledged she has long enjoyed the Hollywood party scene but added, “it’s not going to be the mainstay of my life anymore.”

“I’ve definitely matured and grown a lot from this experience,” she told King. “I could be a more responsible role model.”

She spoke in both interviews about why she was briefly released to home detention after just three days in jail — a move swiftly overruled by a judge after a public outcry over whether she was given special treatment.

“I was basically in the fetal position, basically in hysterics … and having severe anxiety and panic attacks,” Hilton said in the People interview.

She told King she has suffered from claustrophobia since childhood, and in jail was forced to just “deal with it.”

“I read letters, I wrote in my journal, and I would just close my eyes and pretend I was somewhere else.” (source:

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